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About This Site/Mission Statement

It’s no secret I like craft beer. Actually that’s not true – I love craft beer.

The problem is this; I don’t cook much and I’m not that much of a foodie, BUT, food is the only thing every craft beer web site I could find wanted to pair craft beer with. I quickly got tired of being told that I should pair malty & sweet beer with legumes and beans, and it’s OK expand my horizons to pair both malty & sweet as well as dark & roasty beer with braised meats and chocolate, but never in a million years should I pair dark & roasty beer with legumes and beans.

Still, I would not be deterred. In addition to craft beer I love riding bikes, music, my friends read a lot, and I get great fulfillment from building digital first business.  As a result, I decided to combine all of my passions and pour them into this web site.

The mission of is as follows:

  • We will continuously push the boundaries craft beer pairing with the sole exception of food you’d eat with a sit-down meal – everything else is on the table for pairing with craft beer (literally and figuratively).
  • We will never try to sell you something on this web site.
  • We will never ask for a donation on this web site.
  • We WILL use the word “artisanal” and “bespoke” a lot on this web site.

Thanks for visiting!