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CA in NJ – Part 3

  • Beer: Cali Creamin' Vanilla Cream Ale
  • Brewery: Mother Earth Brew Co.
  • Location: Vista, CA
  • Type: Cream Ale
  • Alc: 5.2%
  • Bike: Draft Lite
  • Manufacturer: SE Bikes
  • Location (of the photo): Hollywood, CA
  • Type: Fixed Gear/Track
  • Frame: Steel

About the Photo

If I could ride behind the Hollywood, which apparently can be done, I’d imaging the two “L” ‘s might look a like this, but without the rain… and with a much better view when looking between the letters.

About the Beer

Comes as advertised.  Clear coppery pour with a fine, right head. Big vanilla smell that is slightly less in taste but definitely still there. Virtually no hops to speak of, but they are there in the forms of a slightly bitter aftertaste. Overall, a great summer beer and really good cream ale example.