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Going Home

  • Beer: Do You Even Zest?!
  • Brewery: Crooked Stave
  • Location: Longmont, CO
  • Type: IPA
  • Alc: 7.5%
  • Bike: Cross Check
  • Manufacturer: Surly Bikes
  • Location (of the photo): Glen Rock, NJ
  • Type: Road
  • Frame: Steel

About the Photo

I visit with my mother every weekend in the town where I grew but left quite some time ago. This weekend I decided to ride my bike over to see her. Glen Rock, NJ is known for a massive boulder in the center of town delivered in the ice age where I used to get into some trouble after buying crap beer underage from the local liquor store. I am older but apparently not that much wiser as I decided after my visit that having a beer by town landmark again would be fun but, just like when I was in high school, also risk an invitation from the police asking what I’m doing at this very busy intersection with beer. Very few things have changed in my town except these two; 1) the liquor store carries a wide variety of much better beer, and 2) the police seem to be OK now with beer being out in the open – maybe riding a bike helps.

About the Beer

This beer pours an apricot/orange with a thick head that dissipates slowly and leaves good lacing. Aroma is orange juice. As the can says, citrus, tropical, hazy and juicy, to which I would add a bit dank, grassy and piney. Moderate bitterness for style. It has a medium body and carbonation. The feel is creamy and has a decent amount of carbonation. Overall a very tasty beverage, although it seems more like vodka and orange juice than beer.