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NYC Century – Getting Ready

  • Beer: Help! On the Way!
  • Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Company
  • Location: Lakewood, NY
  • Type: IPA
  • Alc: 8.5%
  • Bike: Surly Cross Check
  • Manufacturer: Surly Bikes
  • Location (of the photo): Montclair, NJ
  • Type: Road
  • Frame: Steel

About the Photo

The NYC Century started at 6:00 AM in Central Park which meant I had to be in Manhattan by 5:30 AM to find parking, which meant I had to leave New Jersey by 5:00 AM , which meant getting up by 4:30 AM. I wasn’t about to try and load the car that morning so I spent park of Saturday loading up the car and test riding the bike. Good thing I did as I discovered that my headset was loose. Fortunately the local bike ship who sold me the Surly Cross Check frame and did the rebuild came to the rescue. But because it would be such an early start and an exhausting day if wanted to ride 100 miles I knew it would be an early night before so I had be wise in craft beer choice. I was – see below.

About the Beer

Help! On the Way! is the 4th release in Southern Tier’s Science is the Art Collection and I’ll say up front I hope its not too late to find #’s 1 -3. This is a fruity Double IPA that has a heck of body and its creamy as all get out. I read on Southern Tier’s web site after the fact that turning the can upside down before opening make the flavor even more robust. Sorry I didn’t do that.

This is the kind of beer that taste-wise I suggest drinking in moderation so you can really enjoy the complex flavor, and from an ABV perspective I also suggest moderation because at 8.5% you’ll have trouble doing a lot of things the next day, including riding 100 miles on a bike, if you are not careful.