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NYC Century – Starting Point

  • Beer: Wheels Gose Round
  • Brewery: Left Handed Brewing
  • Location: Longmont, CO
  • Type: Gose
  • Alc: 4.4%
  • Bike: None (yet)
  • Manufacturer: None (yet)
  • Location (of the photo): Montclair, NJ
  • Type: Road
  • Frame: Other

About the Photo

A century has been on TTD list for quite some time and once I changed out the Surly frames to the lighter, nimbler Cross Check (pictured in previous posts) I knew I was all set. I chose the NYC Century because it is well supported, the streets are relatively flat, traffic means its not a race, and I’d connect with riders of all types and abilities. The only I’d change is the mapping as the course APP required a paid upgrade to get turn-by-turn and even if I had that the weather kept the phone in my waterproof saddlebag.

About the Beer

About the Beer – Wheels Gose Round is a limited edition brew from Left Hand Brewing intended to help raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis research and Team Left Hand Bike MS rides. The NYC Century raises money for alternative transportation advocacy. Glad I could support both causes in one shot and I am considering the MS bike tour later this Fall

About the beer experience – these was an aroma of raspberry and touch of wheat to this beer. It poured a clear red with a pink head. Very subdued sour notes, with the predominant flavor coming from the raspberry. The salt is there in the finish, but isn’t pronounce. Overall, this comes across to me as more of a fruit beer then a sour. I’d buy it again for the taste and the cause.