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Category: Bikes and Beer

Pairing bicycles and craft beer.

Going Home

This beer pours an apricot/orange with a thick head that dissipates slowly and leaves good lacing. Aroma is orange juice. As the can says, citrus, tropical, hazy and juicy, to which I would add a bit dank, grassy and piney. Moderate... Read More

CA in NJ – Part 3

Comes as advertised.  Clear coppery pour with a fine, right head. Big vanilla smell that is slightly less in taste but definitely still there. Virtually no hops to speak of, but they are there in the forms of a slightly bitter aftertaste.... Read More

CA in NJ – Part 2

The beer pours yellow with some decent head. The aroma is unusual as this Gose is supposed to be cactus flavored achieved by adding some lime. I really got into Gose and sour ales this summer and whilst this isn’t up there with... Read More

CA in NJ – Part 1

Pours a hazy bright yellow with a full inch of froth that settles to a pretty good lace ring. Mango is prominent, fairly good body like I’d expect of a wheat beer, tart but not sour, not much bitterness. Really good job by Golden... Read More

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Maybe I’m biased that this is an NJ brewer who is opening a facility (they contract brew right now) near me in 2019 but the folks at Bolero Snort rock with their efforts to push the envelope. The OVB pours a hazed copper color... Read More

Feeling Blue

This beer has a pale yellow body; lively, rough carbonation; thin head. Faint, grainy aroma; wheat. Light cereal flavor; a bit of spicy, grassy notes; hoppy. Light body; fizzy; clean; sharp and dry. An okay beer for a light beer. There... Read More

Lawn Sign

The beer poured a clear orange tinted amber with a nice fluffy cream colored head. Notes of citrus, pine, and resin on the nose. The taste was flavorful throughout with a good, crisp finish. Not too much hops made it easy to drink. I... Read More

Railing on Craft Beer

This beer pours lightly gold and is a little cloudy. There was a foamy head with almost no lacing. The taste was, well, blueberries! In fact, very strong blueberries from start to finish. The brewery delivered on the label and I gotta... Read More

Dropping Out

I’ve always been a Founders All Day IPA guy whenever I needed to offset some stronger ABV craft beers especially after a long ride. That’s changed as of late when I discovered more all day session ales are out there, and... Read More