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High Tech Carbon Bike Meets Low Tech Pale Ale

During a recent trip to a friend’s house for dinner the conversation invariably turned to questions like “So, Julian… what’s with all the craft beer and bike pairing on social media?” Rather than bore readers... Read More

Evil Genius (not me, the brewery) Road Trip!

January 17th, 2018 was a red letter date for – we (I) took our (my) first craft beer and bike pairing road trip! I was in Philadelphia on business, finished early and had a couple of hours to kill before my... Read More

Talking Turkey, Porter, and Folding Bikes

Took this photo on Thanksgiving of 2017 at my sister in-law’s/outlaw’s house. Every year she and her husband prepare a phenomenal meal, and do wonderful job of hosting a wonderful event. My brother outlaw is also a partner-in-crime... Read More

The Throwbacks: How It All Began

On a sunny Saturday afternoon during the summer of 2017 I took a really nice ride around town on my fixed gear bike. Afterwards, as part of my post-ride ritual/cool down period, I popped open a can of craft beer I recently discovered... Read More