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Winter Warmer Crossing to Brooklyn

  • Name: Manhattan Bridge
  • Duration: 10 - 15 Minutes
  • Distance: 7,000 foot span
  • Type: Urban
  • Bike Ridden: Surly Cross Check
  • Beer: Winter Warmer
  • Brewery: Lancaster Brewing Company
  • Location: Lancaster, PA
  • Type: English Ale
  • Alc: 8.9%

About the Ride

I’ve cycled across all three bridges that go from Manhattan to Brooklyn and my hands-down preferred crossing is the Manhattan Bridge. Why? Unlike the Brooklyn Bridge it has a bikes only path (pedestrians have their own). In addition, there’s a bike friendly approach ramp, views of Chinatown, is well maintained, has some interesting architecture, plus no urbanscape would be complete with a little street art. I like it better than the Williamsburg Bridge because it drops you lower into Brooklyn with more options to see the borough.

About the Beer

I do a lot of Winter cycling so I can train for early Spring endurance rides. This past February was particularly cold with many weekends and nights dipping into freezing temps, which happens to be the only times I can get out and ride. Hence, I thought I’d close out February with my first Winter Warmer beer. Lancaster Brewing’s version is an Olde English Ale which means it uses aged yeast resulting in a super rich malty flavor. It definitely warmed me up just like the name says. I’ll be drinking this craft beer again next Winter but I’m not sure it will come inside with me after I get off the bike.