How It Works

Bicycling has gotten me through some tough times in life and now, as a result of COVID-19, bicycles are helping many others do the same. However, right now, affordable bikes are no where to be had in the US and repairs at most bike shops are taking weeks, if not, months to get done.

This is where Craft Beer Cycling comes in.

Minor Repairs

For most minor repairs that get you back in the saddle right away I’ll come to your house and do them, barring any mechanical complications, in a couple of hours. You’ll literally pay me in beer money so I can keep this enterprise fun (for me at least) and affordable for you.

Overhauls – Make Your Bicycle Ride Like New!

The Coronavirus pandemic has lead to a bicycle boom, and and also a shortage of bicycles, around the world. With the help of my good friends at the Newark Community Cycling Center in Newark we’ll help you circumvent this shortage by making your old bike look, feel, and ride like a brand new one. Here’s what we’ll do

  • Tighten spokes and  true wheels, and replace damaged wheels
  • Handlecar and seat adjustments
  • Adjust brakes – replace brake pads, cables and housing, if need be
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs to ensure smooth shifting
  • Clean your drive train and lube chain – will also replace any worn out components
  • Bicycle wash and polishing, and frame touch-ups if needed
  • And more!

Note: I don’t make a dime off the Overhauls. Instead, your money will support a local business in a city with a long and proud history of cycling.

Visit the Pricing section to see what package works best for you and to schedule an appointment!

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